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The stages of electrical installation can be divided into five distinct phases: Planning, Design, Installation, Testing, and Commissioning.

  • Planning: This is the first step in a successful electrical installation project. It involves assessing the requirements of the building or facility with respect to safety, power distribution, and energy efficiency. This will involve taking measurements, analyzing data from blueprints or drawings and consulting with the client or other stakeholders to identify the needs of the system.
  • Design: The design phase consists of creating an accurate schematic for the system based on the specific needs identified during the planning stage. This includes calculating wire sizes and conduit runs as well as ensuring that all applicable codes are followed in order to ensure safe operation of equipment.
  • Installation: This is the most labor-intensive phase of the electrical installation process and involves physically wiring up the system. This includes running wires, connecting breakers, installing junction boxes, and any other necessary components to ensure a safe and reliable system.
  • Testing: Once all of the wiring has been completed, it must be tested for accuracy as well as ensure that all applicable codes have been followed and that there are no potential safety concerns with the setup. This may involve using voltmeters, ammeters or specialized testing equipment in order to confirm everything is working properly.
  • Commissioning: The final step in an electrical installation project is commissioning, where the system is officially put into use after passing all tests. This involves turning on the breakers and confirming that the system is functioning as designed. It also involves creating a written record of all measurements and tests performed during installation to ensure compliance with codes and provide documentation for future maintenance or repairs.

Proper planning, design and testing are essential for a successful installation that meets both code requirements and the needs of the facility or building.

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We offer expert installation services for commercial buildings. Our team of experienced professionals has the expertise . We take pride in serving Tulsa businesses with top-notch installation services that meet all local codes and regulations.

At Adept Patriot Services, we understand that the installation process needs to be completed quickly and efficiently without compromising quality or safety. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure each project is done right the first time, every time. Our staff takes extra measures to properly inspect work areas beforehand and use only high-quality materials during the installation process. This ensures your business is provided with a reliable electrical system that will last for years to come.

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